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Friday, August 27, 2010


With the great success of the internet series, a new idea was made:

Pure Pwnage (TV series)

On August 6, 2009, it was announced that a Pure Pwnage TV series had been commissioned by Showcase.[9] The announcement was made in the form of a mini-episode where Kyle tries to convince Jeremy to stop playing on his Nintendo DS and make the announcement. The series had been teased for several months under the name "Project X". The TV series premiered on Showcase March 12, 2010.

Jeremy's Mail Sac

Starting in March 2010, the Pure Pwnage website began letting fans send Jeremy questions via e-mail. Jeremy then answered the fan questions in video segments posted on the website titled, Jeremy's Mail Sac.

Pro at Cooking

Starring Dave (Dawei) as himself, Pro at Cooking is a spin-off of Pure Pwnage. A cooking show for gamers with Dave hosting as the main chef. When his female assistants do not perform as expected, Dave constantly fires each one of them usually after every episode. Directed by Davin, it has only aired seven 5-10 minute episodes. No other characters from Pure Pwnage, excluding Dave, Davin, and Geoff, appear on the show.

Brotherhood of Leet

A newly announced web series detailing the backstory of Pure Pwnage, the 8-bit Wars. So far only two episodes has been released, and Miranda Plant and Geoff Lapaire make a guest appearance.[10]

Pure Pwnage: The Comic

From February 28, 2006 to March 7, 2007, the Pure Pwnage website featured a regularly issued comic, of which a new page was released once every two to three weeks. Apparently set in the "real world" rather than in the fictional world of Pure Pwnage, the comic breaks most of the fourth wall of the show. For example, Dave said in the show that he was leaving it due to unfinished business in China, the comic claims that the real reason was that he had found a new job in Vancouver.

However, both the show and comic clearly contain elements that are either symbolic representations of reality (for example, pwning an opponent with "micro balls" as a possible metaphor for pwning them in an actual video game) or are not based in reality whatsoever.

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